Comprehensive Martial Arts Seminar with Chief Master Taejoon Lee

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Hwa Rang Do DVD Videos

  • Learn the 365 basic, intermediate and advanced dynamic kicks in Hwa Rang Do, to be effectively used in any self-defense situation, including prone or disadvantaged positions.
  • Discover Hwa Rang Do's unique twist to ground fighting and submissions, so you can develop your own unique submission combination and rely on skill rather than strength to take out your opponent.
  • Acquire Hwa Rang Do's signature joint lock and joint manipulation techniques to disabilitate your opponents and have them screaming for mercy even if you are a weaker and smaller fighter.
  • Explore the hundreds of sweeps and throwing combinations, which have made Hwa Rang Do famous and learn to take any opponent down and set them up for a submission technique.
  • Master the very difficult skill of knife, sword and gun disarming -- skills which can potentially save your life!
  • Then turn the tables on your opponent and learn knife fighting/throwing techniques to give you the ultimate advantage.
  • Learn then art of baton striking and control techniques to be easily used with any house hold object as a stealthy weapon like a short stick, broom or even a remote control!
  • Finally, quickly learn basic women's self-defense techniques to quickly maim, injure and escape from an attacker.

Demonstration of Staff Fighting, Fan Defense Against Sword and Dozens Upon Dozens
of Ground/Submission Techniques. Want to Learn How?

All this martial arts knowledge and much more is available so you can train from the comfort of your own home!
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